Thursday, March 15, 2012


Well, here we are again - nearly 3 mos after my last post.  We've had a lot of changes.

On January 4, we received notification that our tenants were, in fact, moving out of our house in Killeen at the end of their lease January 31.  We were stunned because we had spoken to property managment about offering some incentive for them to stay until May - and were told that they had agreed.
It didn't take long to realize that since we wouldn't be getting a tenant for just a few mos and that the only/best answer was for the boys and me to move back to the house.

We had a whirlwind of getting things arranged and getting the carpet replaced. 

The boys and I arrived February 18 and were welcomed by one of our best friends.  The house has some cosmetic challenges we're still working on.  We'll probably be painting for a while - only so fast to go when you have little people at home.

Jake started Kindergarten at Maxdale Elementary and seems to be enjoying it.  Nick started preschool at The Learning Zone and has enjoyed it.  Nick will start PreK at Maxdale in the fall. 

I start working at the property management office this Monday. 

Matt has settled on teaching as his Post-Army career. 

A lot of changes abound for the Savoie Family.  I'll work on pictures this weekend, hopefully.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Morning

New toothbrushes!

New Wii controller - thanks Santa!

Look Daddy!!

Keeping on Task

Tangled game for the new Leap Pad

Army Truck carrying an Army Tank

New Army Helicopters

Family Photo Christmas Morning

We had a nice Christmas Day.  The boys woke up about 6 having checked their stockings.  We got out of bed and opened gifts.  The boys really enjoyed playing with each other and with all of their new gifts all morning.  We had a nice Christmas lunch with friends.  We then came home and relaxed for a nice Christmas Dinner. 

We hope you all had a nice Christmas with friends and family! 

Christmas Eve

Mommy figured out the timer on the camera and awesome positioning (save for the fridge in our living room)

An early start - the Cars 2 Geotrax set from Nana...kept us entertained while we waited for the rest of the gift opening

Steering Wheels for the Wii - everyone has their own now!

Games from Uncle Sean!

Getting to it...

Completely enraptured

New games for the Wii - Toy Story 3 and Toy Story Mania

New Snowmen from Auntie Lu

LL Bean Shirts from Auntie Lu - we LOVE them!

Testing out the steering wheels

Aunt Shannon sent the "Rifle" Tower to go with our Cars 2 Set and it was AWESOME!

We received so many wonderful gifts - we don't want to bore you with the whole set of pictures.  The boys were very excited to open all their gifts and showed genuine excitement each time.  It is so much fun to watch the excitement dance in their eyes.  Friends have said their kids were already asking to go to the store to get more/different toys...our kids are excited with their haul this year.